The Spark Sessions

Make Yourself a Priority for only $199!

The next Spark Session series begins in August 


Can we talk about what it’s really like running around doing “all the things”? 

You've been waiting...not just waiting...wishing, hoping...reading all the books, downloading all the even printed them with the great intention of answering every question, in hopes that magically, you would start to see the results they promised you.

And then it happened..."Honey...Mommy...Can you...Do you know where...Help me..." And your woman on fire dreams sat idle ... Weeks/months later you finally returned to them in full "get shit done mode", you put them in a perfectly labelled folder...convinced that would help you to get organized and once happened.

There is a Woman On Fire waiting for you...Is she inside ebooks you aren't reading? NO! She is on the other side of action! What you want is just on the other side of your decision to make your happiness a priority. I see you... just waiting for the spark to be lit! I know you've been waiting for the SPARK Sessions.

What if there was the magic wand that could give you a community of people who get you, the right tools that you actually have time for, strategies that really work?

What if you had the power to...

🔥Actually be excited about something just for you

🔥Feel empowered and courageous enough to do the thing you've always wanted to do

🔥Make the next 12 months ALL ABOUT YOU!

The Spark Sessions, are designed specifically for you and are the perfect blend of support and independent study, exactly what you've been looking for.

I know you are the one who takes care of everything. I know that you're used to doing everything yourself. I know that you’ve been disappointed by others who said they would help…and then didn’t. 

I get it!

What if I told you that I have been where you are…scared of letting everyone down, stuck feeling powerless and pissed off, not sure which path will get me where I need to go…I get that, you don’t have the time, energy or money to waste on programs, people or ideas that won’t work. You have been disappointed one too many times to let that happen again!

What if I told you that you get to decide how much or how little you have to do, to create the positive shift you’ve been looking for? What if I told you that you have the potential to drastically shift your world and finally feel like you are heading towards something that matters? What if this IS the magic wand you’ve been looking for…and you get to wield it!  

Would you be willing to take a chance, on something new?

The SPARK Sessions are designed for busy, brilliant women just like you!

(And yes honey. you are brilliant…we’ll get to that a bit later)

Now is the time to FINALLY ...

🔥Feel excited about putting your happiness first!

🔥Have the tools to keep you focused on WHAT YOU WANT when the shoulds come back!

🔥Know you are supported by a Life Coach that gets it!

🔥See the impact of your work immediately!

🔥Hear new and empowering self-talk!

🔥Believe in your F'N Awesomeness!

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"Before working with Dionne I felt unfulfilled and unsure of who I was. I knew I was a wife and mother, and those roles became my identity, but I was left feeling like there had to be more. I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere, and as an introvert it was hard for me to talk to people outside of small talk.  

During the coaching process I learned to actively listen, which helped me to hear what people are sharing, instead of feeling anxious about what to talk about and missing out on meaningful connections. I also learned to embrace challenges, reflecting on those experiences to rewrite the story I want.  

~ Mel


  • Learn easy and effective mindset strategies that will give you more time and energy freedom.
  • Carve out time just for you to focus on what matters most.
  • Work with your brain to get brilliant results you want.
  • Unleash the confidence you need to make your dreams your reality.
  • Set your powerful intention for the next 12 months and set it on FIRE!

"Learning to listen to your inner voice and trusting yourself to know what you want…well, that’s certainly not easy. At least it wasn’t for me. I was constantly hearing my inner voice shouting, yelling all the reasons why I was wrong for thinking/ feeling/ wanting something.

Dionne taught me how to quiet the shouting and truly listen to my gut. To trust in my own experiences and knowledge, to do the hard stuff (even if it feels and scary) because you know it’s the right thing to do. She helped me to not only learn, but to celebrate my authentic self."  

~ Leanne




The NEXT Spark Sessions Series - Aug 13th - Sept 24th Every Other Thursday 6:30 - 8:30pm EST

🔥Feel excited about putting your happiness first!

🔥Have the tools to keep you focused on WHAT YOU WANT when the shoulds come back!

🔥Know you are supported by a Life Coach that gets it!

🔥See the impact of your work immediately!

🔥Hear new and empowering self-talk!

🔥Believe in your F'N Awesomeness!

The SPARK SESSIONS helped me tremendously when it came to figuring out what it was I wanted for my future. 

Dionne's genuine approach and the exercises throughout the workshops were insightful and valuable because the questions were direct and the discussions we had in the group offered a sense of connection. 

Ten out of ten times I would reccomend this for anyone who is feeling underwhelmed (or overwhelmed) and is wanting more out of their life! 

~ Dani

I recently attended her Spark Sessions group program, knowing that working with Dionne would help me to break through what was holding me back, and some of the work was really hard for me. It brought up stuff in my life that I didn’t want to face or own up to. But I did it and I’m so happy I did. I feel lighter, more in control and confident that I can create the life I want.

If you get a chance to work with Dionne you should! She has transformed my life in so many ways. My confidence has exploded and my personal (& business) life are so much better as a result. GO! Have a conversation with Dionne – it will change your life too!” ~Tammy~

Dionne Thomson BSc, M.Ed

Dionne is a Life Coach and the CEO/Founder of 100 Women On Fire Movement. She uses her skills and wisdom amassed from decades of research and experience to support busy, “everything for everybody” women who are done with not being a priority in their own lives. She will teach you how to bust through the shitty self-talk and end the battle with your inner critic so that you can finally be F'N HAPPY!  


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